Starting Over With Art: Part 3

So in Step One, I Identified A Goal. In Step Two, I Discovered What I Want To Improve On. Now for Steps Three and Four, the more daunting parts.

Step Three: Make A Plan

This has probably been the most time consuming process, hence why it has taken so long to post. This is where I am expanding upon my first Benchmark Goal of working on my skill set. I reviewed worksheets and lessons that I have been taught over the years to compile exercises that will allow for me to build my skills back up. I have started my own curriculum with the fundamentals consisting of shape, light sources, and perspective. After that, I will incorporate lessons from other artists to learn about light and color, composition. Once I have worked on these fundamental skills, I can start applying them to create some exciting original work. I will also intermittently be trying to learn more about creature conceptualization and anatomy. Those two things will be extremely important when trying to create work that lends itself to narrative. I will create my own exercises for the basics. For the more advanced parts I have compiled assignments and exercises from Noah Bradley’s Art Camp, Terryl Whitlatch’s Creatures of Amalthea, RJ Palmer’s: Creating Believable Creatures Tutorials, and from the books Color and Light and Imaginative Realism which are both authored by the award-winning James Gurney. Now for Step Four.

Step Four: Get To Work

Now that I have created goals, identified areas I want to improve upon and come up with a plan, I will now execute that plan. I will set realistic goals based on my schedule and work to allot myself time to create and learn. I have printed off calendar pages and lessons plans that are being compiled in a binder to help me keep on task and keep track of my progress. Once I have gotten through some of my self-guided lesson plans, I will post what I can to help others wanting to further their artistic skills but will have to do so without infringing on what the aforementioned artists had provided that I paid for.

So here it goes. I am taking the plunge and getting to work. I should have learned by now not to start big things prior to Christmas, but then again, I never do things the easy way.

Sketch Forward my friends!